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PRODUCTS  SMARTECH     Air Cooled Package Units Self Contained Air Cooled Package Air-Conditioners (SACP Series)
Self Contained Air Cooled Package Air-Conditioners (SACP Series)

• Unit is completely factory wired and packaged with starters and safety controls; pre-charged with full refrigerant charged; and ready for installations.
• Hermetic scroll compressor type operating at 2950 rpm.
• Refrigerant R22 or R407C.
• High efficiency condenser coils with condenser fan motors of IP54 (min. protection), maximum 950rpm, 3-phase induction motors.
• All standard fans are of forward curved centrifugal double-width, double inlet type, belt driven and suitable for ducted supply air operation. Non-overloading type, backward curved fans are available as an option.
• Evaporator coils are constructed from pre coated, hydrophilic aluminum fins.
• All standard filters are of 1” thick washable type with optional bag filter section, angle filter section and mixing box section.

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